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Fresh Dough Veg Pizza Tray.

KD 48.000
  • Fresh Veg Pizza 8 Dozens in tray.
  • NOTE- tray to be return back.
  • To Order Contact 1827070-66091270.

Special Salties Tray 03

KD 60.000
  •  10 Dozens is Acrylic Tray.
  • Serves 12-15 guests
  • Assortment of cheese,samosa cubba,warag-anum,burgul cubba,vol-vou-vant mushroom.
  • To Order  Contact 1827070-66091270.

Mini Sandwich Basket

KD 25.000
  • Fillings-Mozzarella with sundried tomato,Musakan ,Chicken salad,Turkey,Labneh Zatar,falafel,Cheedar Cheese,feta Cheese.
  • Any Four kinds to be selected.
  • Total 36 pcs.(3dozens)

Mini Sandwich Tray.

KD 18.000
  • fillings-Mozarella with sundried tomato,Halloum with zatar ,Eggplant potato,Turkey,Cheedar Cheese,Chicken musakan,Labneh Zatar,Feta cheese
  • Can choose any four fillings
  • 30 pcs in tray
  • to order contact 1827070-66091270

Wow Special Salties

KD 25.000
Wow Salties A little of everything...bursting with flavors and freshness perfect for any occasion 5 dozens

Waraq Enab

KD 22.000
Waraq Enab Stuffed with rice mixture and a labor of love

Wraps Arranged Mirror Tray and Vegetables dips

KD 15.000
Wraps Two of our best seller Falafel and Chicken Muskhan Wraps paired with Crudités and chef's Tahina sauce to complement

Kibbeh Tray

KD 28.000
Freshly produced kibbeh filled with your favorite vegetables.  

Family Snacks 2

KD 67.000
Family Snacks 2 :  10 dozens of freshly prepared snacks and sandwiches serve in acrylic tray

Special Salties Tray

KD 75.000
Deluxe Tray :  10 dozens of special salties and bite snacks floral centerpiece may vary base on the availability of fresh flowers serve in acrylic tray

Family Snacks 1

KD 67.000
Family Snacks  (10 dozens of special snacks and bite sandwiches) Serve in acrylic tray

Basket C4

KD 35.000
Cheese skewers, warag enab on stick, crudites